Mama Doris

November 16, 2012

It is with love and sadness that my family and I said goodbye to my beloved (step) grandmother Doris Hinson, whom I’ve known since the age of 2. Mama Doris was beautiful and incredibly talented; she played the piano, organ, violin and had a lovely soprano voice. Her love of music was a personal endeavor as she did not perform professionally but she was devoted nonetheless. In addition to singing in her church’s choir, she played the piano for the Sunday school class of her Methodist church for 47 years.

Every Thanksgiving she would make a fantastic congealed salad with a strange name.“Coca-Cola Salad” was even published in a cook book in 1960 called “Munchin’ with the Methodist”. No, I’m not kidding, that was the name of the cookbook. It really shows that the world was a little different back then.  I am including the recipe. This dish has become a tradition in our family every holiday season. And every new generation in our family around the age of 10, gets to learn how to make it. 

It’s crisp and cold and a great intermezzo between heavy holiday food courses. 

Survived by her are four generations of a loving family. She was 98 and completely lucid for all of her life. She died peacefully with many loved ones around her. I think that is the best possible way to leave this life.  She will truly be missed.

Mama Doris’ Recipe for Coca-Cola Salad

Utensils: 1 orante baking mold sprayed w/oil release

Ingredients: 1-6 oz pckg of any flavor red gelatin

                      2 C pineapple juice

                      2 C room temperature coca cola

                      4 oz (1/2 cup) finely chopped celery

                      4 oz crushed pineapple, fully drained

                      2-4 oz small pecan pieces

                      1- 8 oz pckg of cream cheese  (pinch 

Boil the pineapple juice and dissolve gelatin in the juice.  Set to cool down to room temp while working on other ingredients.

Once cooled, but not congealed add coca cola and begin dropping ingredients into place - except the cream cheese.

Transfer gelatin mix into the mold and at that point begin dropping the cream cheese by pinching little pieces off, bit by bit and blending/distributing evenly.

Allow it to set at least overnight.  When ready to serve, flip on to a platter - can be served in thin slices.