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Sea Bass Left Overs make a pretty fancy tostada. Wild Caught…

January 21, 2021

Sea Bass Left Overs make a pretty fancy tostada. Wild Caught Chilean Sea Bass seared, fresh Meyer Lemon, olive oil, WAVA cabbage & habanero atop an organic white corn tortilla w/melted Jack cheese. #MargoReyLives #MargoReyFoodie #MargoRey #BigMealsFromATinyKitchen #BigMealsTinyKitchen #FishTacos...



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Colours is Available on iTunes: bit.ly/1hKR87H Simply put, “Colours” is about self empowerment and believing in your own identity. Margo Rey has been...


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Sea Bass Left Overs make a pretty fancy tostada. Wild Caught... already exists.

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